What is the best way to prepare yourself to have your baby? Education! The more educated you are, the more informed you are on the options and choices you have during your pregnancy and birth, the easier it is to enter into your labor with confidence.

I am passionate about educating families on the process their bodies and minds go through during this big life transition.  It has been said that hospitals teach you how to be a good patient, but Childbirth Education teaches you how to have a baby.  It is definitely an area of life that “you get what you pay for”.

I offer private in-home Childbirth Education and group classes that are tailored to your personal birth desires.

– Childbirth Education Classes are $175
       This class covers everything!  How to prepare your body during your pregnancy for a great birth, the physiology of birth, your options and rights, getting familiar with common interventions of labor and alternatives.  We go over ways to help manage labor physically and mentally, discuss breastfeeding, and what to expect in postpartum.  The goal for this class is to have you leave feeling informed and prepared!

– Birth Prep Classes are $125
        This class is a great way to build a birth plan!  It is not a full childbirth education class, but it is well rounded in helping you build a birth plan that fits your unique desires for the birth that is right for you.

– Comfort Measures for Labor Classes are $125
        This class is designed to help you know different comfort measures you can use throughout the different stages of labor.  Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth.  It’s also a great option to prepare birth partners with hands on tools to help you manage labor.

Group Classes and rates available for all classes.