My hope as a doula is to help educate mothers and families to make their own decisions on how they want their birth to go and to help support them as they work to achieve it. I believe in the empowerment that comes from a woman taking charge of her labor that reveals a deeper strength within her that she never knew was there.  I believe that a strong support system offered to mothers, through her partner’s and a doula’s presence, can help her have a beautiful experience that she will relive the rest of her life.

I believe in Mothers and I believe in birth, and I am committed to coming alongside of them through this special time.  

My services include:  
• A free Zoom or phone consultation for you to meet me to decide if I would be a good fit for your birth team  
• 2 – prenatal visits. At these visits we will discuss the physical and emotional aspects of birth, relaxation techniques, comfort measures, I will help assist you in forming a birth plan, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  
• Once you are a client of mine I will be available for you to call/text/or email with any questions or concerns.  
• I provide continuous support throughout labor and will be there to help you make informed decisions along the way  
• I will remain with you for at least one hour after your baby is born to help assist with breastfeeding and any other things you may be in need of  
• 1 postpartum visit when your baby is around a week old to discuss your birth experience, answer questions you may have, and assist you with any help you may need

Birth Packages are $1500.  Travel fees may apply depending on location. Payment plans available.