The journey to parenthood is an exciting, transformative, and overwhelming time.  There are so many choices to make, discussions to have, and questions to be asked.

As your doula, my hope is to provide guidance to help you navigate through the process of pregnancy and birth.  I am committed to helping families as they make decisions prenatally and come alongside you to support you as you grow your family.

By understanding your unique needs I am able to provide unbiased, judgement free support.  If this is your first baby, your last, or a child in between.  Whether you choose to labor with or without medical interventions or plan to wing it.  I am here to join you on your journey to meeting your precious new little one.

From the first time meeting up to our postpartum visit at home, Emily has exceeded our expectations on the services she told us she provided. We were able to gain a huge understanding of labor and delivery before our daughter was born thanks to her wisdom and knowledge on childbirth. She displayed such a caring, helpful, sweet nature pre delivery up to the time of labor and delivery. My husband and I felt truly blessed to have such a calm, nurturing coach to help us through labor and delivery


I could not have done an all natural birth like I wanted without the help of Emily! The prenatal appointments were awesome and so informative of what to expect in the upcoming weeks. She is so nonjudgmental and so very kind! I was able to avoid any interventions to get labor started, thanks to the help of Emily and her magic doula tricks! While in labor I could not have asked for better support. I experienced back labor the whole time and Emily was great with applying counter pressure while I was having contractions. I loved how in tune she was and that I wouldn’t even need to tell her I was having a contraction, she just knew. She totally let me set the tone for what I wanted and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I highly recommend Emily whether it is your first time giving birth or if you’ve already had a baby.. She’s the best!


My wife and I️ had Emily as our doula with both of our kids. I️ was hesitant to have someone we didn’t know there in the room with us at first, but once we met Emily, I️ was really excited to have her there to help me with ways to help my wife during her labors to try and alleviate some of the pain. To any man that is hesitant to have someone they don’t know well there in the room, you can set that to the side when it comes to hiring Emily. Her bedside manner is perfect and she doesn’t intrude. She helps in the most appropriate times and doesn’t take away from the part that the husband/partner/father should be playing. She assists and really just helps makes the whole experience less stressful for both of the expectant parents.


Emily made my birth so much better! If I have more kids she’s definitely going to be in my care team! I can’t tell you how I appreciated knowing that she never left me. I think that in the midst of the intensity of labor it was reassuring to have someone there that I felt was truly on my side!  Working with Emily Campbell was a great experience. She’s kind and professional and really just wants to help make the birth the way the mom wants it to go. I’d definitely recommend anyone considering hiring a doula to give her a call!


I contacted Emily for the birth of my second child. When I first met with her, I was pleased with her kind and calm demeanor. I loved that she had three different birth experiences of her own, and I also liked her unassuming, down-to-earth personality. She was very knowledgeable and really wanted to be there.


Proudly Serving families in the sacramento area.  including amador county, calaveras county, sacramento county, el dorado county, placerville, folsom, el dorado hills, roseville, citrus heights, and surrouding areas.  If you are unsure if I serve your area please contact me.  I attend hospital, birth center, and homebirths.  At this time I am no attending unassisted births.